Our fleet comprises of saloons, 4WD Land Cruisers, Suzuki Vitaras, minibuses, all in immaculate condition, simply waiting your blessings. While we aim to provide uncompromising service and comfort at every level, the management shall leave no stone unturned in ensuring family like care to our clients and assist them in every way possible to enable ease their transportation requirements to the best.

The full tariff  with flexible rates, terms & conditions for car rental for town and out of town use displayed on the Car Variety Section on this site, which we are sure you would find unbeatable as against all comparable car rental companies in Arusha. Nevertheless, we shall be looking forward to your close cooperation in regards to car hire / hotel & lodge bookings at any given time. Moreover, we would be truly obliged if you would enroll us on your menu so that we are given the required priority upon bookings.

Thank you and KARIBU sana

P.O. Box 1060 Arusha, Tanzania  Email: arushanaaz@yahoo.com

Tel :(027) 2502087 Fax: (027) 2506484 Mobile:  0786 025373, 0754 282799

Web site: http://www.arushanaaz.net